Six essential things that you should know about making your fake doctors note today

Do you need a little break from your monotonous routine? Stress is something that both men and women hate having to deal with on a daily basis. A fake doctor’s note is a great resource for individuals who feel as though they want a vacation from their place of business or school. You can buy and download your own note that will fool anyone who reads it. Here are six essential things that you should know about making your fake note today. If you need a great excuse note template, go to

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Make Sure You Invest In a Quality Fake Note Instead of a Free One

There are numerous websites on the Internet that allow people to produce their own free fake notes. You want to have a note that will be as legitimate as possible so using free notes is counterproductive to the process at hand. These free notes have many issues such as the following:
• They do not sound unique to the professor, teacher or employer reading it.
• The excuses are flimsy and can be shown to be dishonest.
• There are not water marks or logos that make the notes look official.
• They often do not allow editing to be done to them.
• They are not very easy to download and print.

There are dozens of medical excuse note templates that people can choose from to create their fake doctors note. It is a good idea to browse through the templates to see which one appeals to you before moving on to the next step in the process.

Choose Your Doctors Note Template Carefully

There are different types of doctors that people can use to legitimize their doctors excuses. Some of these doctors include the following:
• OB/GYN’s
• Gynecologists
• Ear, nose and throat specialists
• Chiropractors
• Mental health counselors
• Psychiatrists
• Psychologists
• Family medicine practitioners
• Dentists
• Cardiologists
• Emergency room physicians

The point of choosing a doctor is vital to the absence that is trying to be excused. Missing days of work or school can be hard to do especially if projects or exams need to be completed.

You need to first have a goal for your fake doctors note. For example, if you want three days off from work and you are a woman then consider having an OB/GYN state that you have severe morning sickness because you are expecting a baby. This excuse sounds legit because many expectant mothers feel sick during the first trimester of pregnancy.

A good type of doctor to use in your forms if you are a man is a cardiologist. You could use excuses such as a heart murmur or hypertension. These are easy ailments to fake. All that a person has to do is hold their chest and act out of breath when they present the papers to anyone.

You need to make your case without trying too hard because people tend to be able to tell when others are lying to them. You have to sell them that you are sick and wanted to attend work or school but could not because of health reasons.
Some great ailments to include are:
• Pregnancy
• Abortion
• Dental surgery
• Uterine fibroids
• Strep throat
• Mono
• Kidney stones
• Bladder infection
• Heart attack
• Chicken pox
• Measles
• Mumps
• Stomach flu
• Chest infection

Edit the Note with the Intended Audience in Mind

The editing process takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Edit the note by inputting your personal information. Look at examples of the format that is used in a sample note so that you can have paperwork that flows correctly.

Nothing should be missing so do not forget any discharge instructions or other footnotes that might make the note appear to be less than authentic. When you work on the body of the letter, you need to read it aloud to yourself and ask yourself does this sound professional.

Many people just quickly jot down the information which can open them up to problems in the form of typos and errors. It is important to check the spelling and grammar as you go and check it as much as you can. Even allowing one typo to go uncorrected can ruin the whole legitimacy of the papers.

Add As Much Detail to Your Documents

You need to include your information but you should consider over sharing to make the letter look very professional. Include the complete name of the hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office. You should include the city where it is located such as Atlanta or Philadelphia. The name of the doctor should be bolded and located at the top of the form.

Medical jargon such as MD or FACOG should be in smaller letters beside or underneath the name. There should also be a made up telephone number, fax number and email address for the office. You can also consider adding the office hours to make it look even more official.

doctorsnotepackageThe watermarks and logos can really enhance the appearance of your doctor excuse note so make sure that they stay predominantly featured on the papers. Cross check the logos and watermarks against a sample note because you want them to look as identical as possible.

Come Up with a Medical Diagnosis That Fits Your Life

The medical diagnosis that you are claiming to have needs to fit in with your personal background and life. You will not be believed if you pull excuses out of thin air that make no sense. Use the Internet to research common medical conditions that you can pretend to have.

Commit to the one that is easiest to come down with quickly. If you are waffling between excuses then consider downloading multiple forms so that you can make your fake notes and have options for your situation.

Print the Note and Examine the Absence Report with a Fine Tooth Comb

The final step in the process after editing your note is to print it out. You should use a fine tooth comb to read the note out loud and make sure that it makes sense. The templates used should ensure that everything flows as well as possible.

Consider printing the paper out and then scanning it and using a fax machine to send it to your teacher or employer. If you do not have to complete this in person then you can avoid having to face them in person until you return to work or school.

You will really appreciate the overall look of the note. This is a great way to be able to sit down and have some alone time. Life can be complicated at times so being able to download and print an excuse note at any time can be a great investment to make in some R and R.

5 Key Factors That Make The Most Legitimate Looking Doctor’s Note

Once you have made the decision to use a fake doctors note to get the break you are in dire need of, you really want to make sure it is top quality and will do the job. This is definitely not something you want to play around with doctors-note-123153551and end up making a fool of yourself. With so many options available and some that are free and some you have to pay for, you may wonder how to be sure you are getting the most legitimate doctors notes.

These are five things you should check up on before you purchase, download and print your fake doctor’s forms:

1. The Quality and the Print

The quality and format of the sick note is what most often give people away. Visuals make a difference in the authenticity of the doctor’s note. If your note looks the part, it will not be given a second glance. The logo and the font used are the key in preventing your fake note not from being discovered. Using a laser printer is also important to ensure no mess-ups happen in the process of printing and quality.

As you are looking around at different templates, you will see a difference in the quality of the free ones and the ones for which you pay to use. You will instantly be able to know it is fake and can probably make a better one yourself. However, it is not worth the risk; especially, because legit looking ones are available.

The type of letterhead used will be different depending on where the drs letter is coming from. A doctor’s private clinic, an emergency room or hospital will not necessarily follow the same templates. For example, in New York, an emergency room discharge sheet would be very different from a paper you would get from a dr. in a private clinic. Using a good quality fake printable template will let you avoid this problem.

When you are shopping for your fake doctor’s note, keep these things in mind and make sure the templates you get give you authentic looking printable medical papers to excuse you from your absence at work or school.

Personally, I have to admit the best doctor’s notes I’ve worked with are at Hands down, this place is killer. Another site we really like is

2. Correct Information on the Note

When you return to work with your pretend letter from your doctor or dentist, you want it to go over as smoothly as possible. This does depend a lot on your demeanor, but after the quality of the note, having the correct and complete information in your letter is essential.

These are the basic necessities that each form should have:

• The date and time you visited
• Doctor’s name and address
• Your name and address
• Contact information of the doctor
• Description of your medical condition
• Any possible limitations that go with the illness
• Signature of the doctor
• A return to work date (in some cases)

If all the information has not been properly filled out in the note, your boss or professor could ask you for more information leaving you with a blank face. This, obviously, will not go over very well.

3. Choose A Realistic Sickness

Depending on whether you are in Washington or San Diego, you need to choose a sickness that is realistic for your condition, season and the climate in which you are living. The change of seasons can prove to be difficult for many people. Allergic reaction to trees and plants that are blooming can keep some people in bed for a few days. However, you need to be cautious when you use this kind of excuse for missing work. This is because, allergies do to pollen may not be the most realistic excuse in the month of December if you live in Seattle — unless you are allergic to holiday shopping.

Thus, keep it real and simple. If you can use an excuse that would go with what was going on at work that would be ideal. For example, if you were lifting heavy things, then it would be natural that you hurt yourself in the process. Alternatively, if you ate out at a new exotic restaurant in El Paso, then having stomach issues is a real possibility.

Keep in mind that with some illnesses you would continue to have symptoms for a couple of days after you were absent from being ill. Think this one through and plan ahead.

4. Additional Documents to Safeguard Yourself

There may be situations where you feel you will be questioned, cross-examined and anything you provide as evidence will be scrutinized. This does not need to discourage you, as top quality fake notes from doctor’s come with a full set of any possible additional documents you may need.

Here are some examples of supporting documents that come with professionally designed doctors notes:

• Proof of emergency room visit
• Lab tests
• Medical receipt
• Mental health note
• Prescription
• Safe to return to work note

When you purchase a professional set of fake hospital documents to make your letter, then you can be sure you will be getting everything you may require to support your excuse. Check this out if  you need a great doctors note for work.

5. Call Verification

Making sure the number you put on your letter is authentic and a number that can be called is often overlooked. Most people think no one will bother to check up on it, but experience has shown that this is not always the case. Call verification is an essential part of the pretend note from your doctor. Without it, all the effort you took to create your letter will go to waste.

The best quality fake notes from doctors will have call verification with a small extra fee. This will ensure that when your employer or teacher calls the number and asks about the information provided in the note, it can be verified and prove to be genuine.

Once you have the best tools available to create your pretend note, print some blank samples and practice making them. Make a few different variations to see what turns out to be the most authentic.

Remember not to overdo it with your attitude, if you have been sick then you are most likely going to be slow and tired when you return to work. Do not be over enthusiastic and overwork yourself out of guilt; that would only make it seem more suspicious.

How to Pretend to Be Busy

There are many times when there is nothing to do at work. However you dare not let your co workers or boss see you ideal. You fear that you may loose your job, or even less be thought of as lazy. There are so many people out looking for work and you do not want to seem selfish. So, the next best thing you do when you have no work to do is pretend to be busy. We all have our times at work when the day is going slow, and there is not enough work to stretch the eight hour day.

If you work in a corporate setting or an office you are aware that you are being watched. You can not just sitting staring at your computer screen doing nothing. The number one way to pretend that you are busy in a corporate or office setting is to spread a bunch of papers across your desk. This will automatically give people the assumption that you are overwhelm with work, and you just do not have enough time in the day to finish all the paper work you have spread on your desk.

Also, if you can get a few blank sheets and pretend as if you are writing up reports this seem to work as well. As long as you have a pen or something in your hands this gives the illusion that you are busy hard at work.

In a corporate setting you can also pretend like you are looking through the files as if you are in search of a particular file. This can last a long time especially if there are a lot of files in the office. Then there is acting like you have to photo copy papers. You can get old files and photo copy them as if you are busy.

Then there is talking on the telephone to clients. I do not know how many people that hold a telephone in there hands as if they are on the telephone but they are not. The mere fact that you are holding the telephone gives the illusion that you are hard at work.

If you do not work in a corporate office say you have a blue collar job, then you want to always be on your feet walking around as if you have something to do or somewhere to go. You don’t want to be sitting around chatting with coworkers because that will give a sign that you do not have enough work to do.

These are some ideas that employees use in the workplace to pretend to be busy.

7 Secrets to Creating a Doctors Note Using a Template

drexcusecollection55Are you a student who wants a few extra days to complete your papers or spend some time relaxing and watching TV? If you want some time off then consider buying a doctors note template so that you can make fake doctors notes. Here are 7 secrets to creating a convincing doctors note for school.

Choose a Template That Looks Legitimate

Many students have made their own fake notes to try to get released from school or get an absence excused. It is not the smartest idea to create your own doctor’s note because you should leave it to the professionals.

Medical professionals use templates that look very professional. Begin by selecting the type of doctor who will be writing the fake note. Options include the following:
• Cardiologist
• Psychologist
• Counselor
• Ear, nose and throat doctor
• Emergency room physician
• Dentist

Once you have made your selection, you can move on and download the fake note. These notes are very easy to edit. The process takes less than one hour and you will be impressed by the quality of the forms.

Use an Excuse That Everyone Would Consider to Be Plausible

Some people try to use free doctors notes and they end up regretting it later on. It is important to buy the templates because there are more than 43 excuses to use and the letters look pristine because they allow people to customize them.

If you want to be absent from class for a few days and are a young girl then an excuse from an OB/GYN is a great one to use especially if your teacher or principal is a man. Men often even hear the word feminine issue and they will believe anything that they read.

If you are a young man then consider an athletic injury and having an emergency room physician state that you have thrown out your back, sprained a ligament, slipped a disk in your back etc. The listed medical ailment should not exude shock from the reader because then they begin to ask themselves if something untoward is going on.

Create a Fake Name for Your Doctor That Sounds Common

When adding the name of your doctor to the doctors excuse notes choose a name that sounds common. Find a list of doctors in your city such as Atlanta or Philadelphia and choose three names. For example, Jane Lee, Gerald Ford, and Frank Morris might be names to use.

Combine the names together to create a new name for your documents. A good example of one to use would be Dr. Jane Morris- Ford. The name looks and sounds legit even though no such doctor exists in your city.

Think of the Name of a Place to Add to Your Papers

When you are making your note, you will need to add the name of a clinic, drs. office, or hospital and its address to make it appear to be legitimate. Most people will have knowledge of the hospitals that are in the area so you should use a name that sounds like the hospital. One idea is to change the name slightly such as St. Peter’s to St. Patrick’s. Then, people will think they just have the name wrong in their mind when they review our forms.

You can also make up the name of a clinic. The name should sound professional. One example to use for an OB/GYN clinic is the Women’s Health Associates. The name clearly states what the doctor does and sounds real.

Format Your Note Using a Sample

Examine a sample of a doctor’s note online and use the same format to edit your note. Sometimes people will draw a blank when they go to make a fake note using a template. The formatting that is used plays a significant part in the overall legitimacy of the excuses that are being given.

Schools see many release papers on a daily basis so the note needs to look as common as possible so that they are easily accepted by the person who is in charge. The sample allows people to edit their forms accordingly so that they look fantastic.

Make the Body of the Note Very Descriptive

The doctors note template will help you create the body of the note. This portion should be very descriptive. If you are saying that you were discharged from the hospital then write not only the diagnosis but the aftercare instructions as well.

Clearly list the date of the illness and when the person can return to school. The font and information provided should be as easy to understand as possible to avoid anyone missing the point and questioning whether or not the person is telling the truth. If you need a great doctors note template, go to

Finalize the Information Before You Print the Note

You should Mame sure to review all of the information before you print your note. Make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Look at the dates that are listed and verify that the date that you want to return makes sense with the excuse given. The absence report should look very thorough so that it is believable.

These notes are excellent because they are printable and once this step has been completed you will like what you see. Consider adding a personalized signature to the note that looks illegible because doctors are known for their terrible penmanship skills.

The Perfect Fake Doctors Note

A doctors note can offer the solution to many of life’s problems. It’s often the only acceptable excuse when someone is forced to miss work, school or some other commitment. Sometimes the unexpected happens and people are doctors-excusesunable to show up for events or scheduled appointments. This can make them look irresponsible or undependable. A medical emergency is one of the few acceptable excuses for not showing up and producing a doctors note is a way to prove that’s what happened.

A Simple Solution

People sometimes find themselves unable to do all the things they promised to do. When the time comes to explain why they were unable to keep their word only a doctor’s note saying they were physically unable to do it will suffice. But what if they didn’t go to a doctor? There is a solution. Go on the internet and purchase a very real looking downloadable fake doctor’s note. It’s a simple solution to a sometimes complex problem.

Miss a big exam or were unable to complete an important report? No need to fret. Simply download an authentic-looking fake doctor’s note and show it to your teacher, co-workers or your boss. Don’t let a hangover or an error in judgment cost you a good grade or the respect of your co-workers. A fake doctor’s note can get you the forgiveness you need to overcome the situation. Some people try to create one on their own. This can make the situation worse. It can make them look like not only an irresponsible person, but a liar as well.

A Safer Method

Good people are sometimes forced to take desperate measures to save face. It may not be their proudest moment but it’s one they need to successfully get past. That’s not the time to take a chance that a note written by a friend on a piece of paper will fool everyone. At times like those only a good fake note from a doctor will do. Whether you live in Austin or Atlanta the doctor’s notes on a good website are guaranteed to convince people you did in fact have a medical emergency which didn’t allow you to do what you said you would do.

Based On Notes From Numerous Doctors

Don’t wait until you’re in the lurch to take a look at an example of the kinds of notes the site has available. In your free time you can visit the site and see a sample of their work. When you visit the site you will find several examples of blank doctor’s notes you can use for school or work. The notes take several forms. You can get an excuse from a dentist or one of the excuses from other medical professionals. No need to scourer the papers or the internet looking for Dr. Joe Blow who is willing to give you a note. The site has several templates. Simply choose the template which works best for you.

The name on the note is up to you. You can simply write Drs. John and Joan Smith or choose the name of one of the doctors at a local hospital. This provides you with a printable absence note you can use to verify you were indeed sick but you are cleared to return to school or work. For a small fee you can print a legit looking excuse which has the proper medical note format. The fake note will look so legitimate there will be no doubt in the mind of anyone you present it to that you have a real reason for missing your commitment. The fake notes even have a discharge time so they will see you could not possibly make it to work or school.

Easy To Use

The process is simple. Go on the internet. Pick the form or forms you need. Download the forms on your computer. Print it and fill it out. You no longer have to try to make a fake doctor’s note. They have already made authentic looking doctors excuses for you to cover the time you were missing. While it may not be your proudest moment, it can save you bacon and allow you to live to fight another day. The fact good sites are so easy to use and the fake doctor’s notes look so real can take away all the stress of having to explain where you were and allow you to enjoy your unscheduled day off.

There are several reasons why the doctor’s notes on this site works so well:

1. They are based on real doctors notes
2. They come from doctors, dentists and other medical professionals
3. They are based on 43 real doctor’s notes

They Look Real

The company uses them as templates for creating notes that look so authentic they are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. The medical excuse notes from the site can easily pass the eye test of even most medical professionals because they are based on real doctor’s excuse notes from doctors throughout Canada, Europe and the United States.

Attention to detail is what makes these notes better than others. They are the result of years of research on notes from medical professionals in a wide variety of fields. This gives the customer the choice of using an excuse from any type of medical professional. Have you had dental problems in the past? Then you may decide to use a note from a dentist. Had foot issues? You can get a realistic fake doctor’s excuse from a podiatrist. By giving you those types of options the website improves the chances the medical excuse you present at work or at school will be accepted without question.

The notes offered there are a great value. For the price some companies charge for a single note this website gives you 30 downloadable notes. That’s enough notes to make sure you and your loved ones are covered for a long time. You never know when you will need a note from a doctor to explain an unscheduled absence. By getting the package this website offers you’ll be prepared for anything that happens. However, they only sell a limited amount each day. So don’t wait until you need a note from a doctor to visit the site. Do it today so you will be prepared should you need it in the future.

Sometimes people wake up with the intention of getting dressed and going to work. But despite their best intentions and efforts they are unable to make it out the door. They may not have anything physically wrong with them but they may need a mental health day so they can regroup. Without having requested the day off in advance they would be in danger of losing their job if they decided to stay at home. Having a fake medical excuse means they can give their mind and body the rest they need and present their employer with an authentic looking note when they return.

Missing time from work or school isn’t something that should be taken lightly. However, it’s good to know if people need to take some unscheduled time off they have a great excuse already prepared.

How to Act Like You’re Getting Sick

Why would someone want to act like they are sick? Maybe to miss a test at school, a final was due and you have not even started it yet, or you changed your mind about that date on Friday night that you don’t want to go to anymore. Well there are many ways you can make your self seem like you are getting sick.

First, start the night before. Don’t eat a lot of food. Act like your stomach hurts and that you are not that hungry. You should also spend time in the bathroom to make it seem that your stomach is upset.
In addition to faking a stomach ache, you can say your throat hurts. Cough a lot but make sure it does not sound fake. Clear your throat a lot. Also if you are a smoker, try to cut back or not smoke for awhile to make it more plausible. Act tired and give up something that you want to do so that it doesn’t seem like your just acting ill.

Try acting a little bit clumsy so it looks like you are light headed and dizzy. To fake a cold breathe through your mouth as if your nose is blocked. Wrap yourself in the blankets and wear extra layers of clothes to seem as if you are freezing. Rub your eyes to make them look red and bloodshot like you are really tired. To fake a fever, drink a lot of hot liquids and food. To make your head feel warm, just sit in front of a desk lamp for a few minutes with the light bulb facing your forehead.
The next morning just to make it more believable, while still acting like you are getting sick, get ready to go out. With a stomach ache, a sore throat, headache, fever, stuffed nose, nobody is going to want you to go anywhere. Your attempts to act like you are getting sick will pay off and you will get to spend the whole day in bed relaxing. Unless everyone else leaves the house and you can do whatever you want. Then when everyone gets home you miraculously feel better.

Fake Doctors Notes – Making The Doctor Notes Look Real

hospitalpapersToday fake doctors notes are becoming so much popular among people. Due to the extra benefits of health care and cost spend for this purpose, many people from around the globe are using these type of doctor notes. Especially those who feel that their job is so strict, are almost addicted to it. Although people are using these fake notes continually but they should know that there is risk include in it. In many conditions people don’t even visit the doctors even if they are sick to finish up the missing work.

If you have finally decided that you are going to use these doctor notes, then you are advised to verify that these notes should look real. With this article you would be able to know how you can make the notes look real before you hand over them to your boss.

Get out of class with excuse letters for school:

Students who really become ill are required by teachers to provide them medical reports. Otherwise the teachers could ask for heavy fines for missing the classes. Not only this, teachers asked doctor’s notes in order to provide make-up classes for missing lectures or for providing decent grades. Usually boys and girls of college do not have sufficient money to spend on getting the report from the doctors. They are advised to get these fake notes for their need as it is so difficult for them to face such problems. This is the reason that students rather going to doctors, or downloading fake notes to get out of school whenever they are sick.

Take that day off work with doctor’s notes printable:

Not only students are downloading the fake notes but the people who work are also in need of these notes for their problem. These notes are also very helpful for such persons as well. People who do work hard to their job, when get sick, do not have more excess money to spend for the doctor’s fees. There are only two possibilities either they could be fired from the work for not actively doing their work or they could provide these fake notes to make sure that they are safe. So this is the most important reason of downloading these fake notes, rather than to spend huge amounts for visiting doctors.

Use excuse letters for work and school cautiously:

You are advised to use these type of fake notes only when you are really in need of them. If you are continually using these notes to stay away from your work or school, you may get into serious trouble because you might get caught one day.

Below are the four main elements that are considered the best solution for such purpose.

Four Main Elements:

You must have these four elements of your fake notes so that you could prove that the notes are totally real.

1. Contact Information:

You must include the contact information of your doctor in the notes that you are going to hand over to your employer. The whole contact information about your doctor such as, the address, contact/ phone number and other important things must have to be on the notes.

2. Date and Time:

Do not forget to mention the date and time on your fake notes because it is the best thing that can influence your employer to understand that you are really in a problem. Before writing the date and time, just verify that the doctor is available on those dates and times. Do mention those days for which you have excused from your work. This is considered the most important element of excuse so do not forget to mention the date and time on your notes.

3. Name of person Seen:

You must provide your name on the fake notes, so that your employer could understand that you were really in the problem. When your name would be on the notes there would be not any reason to provide more information to your employer that you were sick or whatsoever. You will not have to provide much information about your medical condition because the fake notes would tell everything to your boss.

4. Limitations:

You are advised to provide the limitations that you will have in the next few days. The best examples of these limitations could be not lifted a lot or wearing a certain type of shoes. This will make sure your employer that you are in a serious medicaldocumentstrouble and he/she may provide you some extra benefit for this purpose as well. You may not allowed to do much work and you could also do relax at your workplace. So don’t forget to mention the limitations on your fake doctors notes.

These fake notes are becoming popular with employees and students in this present era. You can get printed fake notes easily and these notes allow you to get out of a variety of events.

If you have finally decided to get the printed form of these notes for the purpose of excuse then you should know the good one that would not get you into any kind of trouble. People are using these notes for a number of reasons such as, for workplace or school. Most importantly many of these people have legitimate reasons to use these notes.

Legal and Ethical Dilemma for Using Counterfeit Doctor Notes:

The use of these fake notes is increasing day by day. With the help of internet it is so easy for a person to download these notes because many websites are offering the downloading facility. It is very easy process to fill your information on the website and then download the fake notes. So most people are using these notes unethically. One should use the fake doctors notes only in the serious need.

Just imagine if you found $100 on your boss’ table would you pick that money? Most probably not because you know it is illegal and because of afraid of being labeled a thief. In the same way it is immoral to submit fake notes when you are not in their need.